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The most comprehensive listing of

watermelon festivals held around the world!!

     Many of the watermelon festivals listed below are weekend-long events with parades, watermelon-eating contests, seed-spitting contests, watermelon queens, sports events, and plenty of food and music.
      If you know of a watermelon festival that’s not listed here, please let us know!

P.S. The country song “Watermelon Crawl” talks about a watermelon festival in Rind County, Georgia. But don’t be fooled. There’s no such place and no such festival. It’s just a song, folks.

MAY 2001

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Ugok Watermelon Festival

Koryong County, Kyongsangbuk Province, KOREA

May 27 - 29

Arcadia Watermelon Festival
(16th Annual)

 Arcadia, Florida

JUNE 2001

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Deoksan Watermelon Festival

Deoksan, KOREA

June 2-3

Cool Corn and Melon Festival
(7th Annual)

Goodyear, Arizona

June 12

Newberry Watermelon Festival
(56th Annual)

Newberry, Florida

June 16 (held mid-June)

Old-Time Watermelon Festival

Glendale, Arizona

June 16

Chiefland Watermelon Festival

Chiefland, Florida

June 17 24

Hampton County Watermelon Festival
(59th Annual)

Hampton County, South Carolina

June 21- 24

Luling Watermelon Thump and World Championship Watermelon Seed Spit
(48th Annual)

Luling, Texas 

June 23

Panhandle Watermelon Festival

Chipley, Florida

Late June

Monticello Watermelon Festival

Monticello (Jefferson County), Florida
(Tip: The folks there pronounce it

Late June

Watermelon Festival
(14th Annual)

Daxing County (near Beijing), CHINA

JULY 2001
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International Watermelon Festival

Bayindir, TURKEY

July 4

Grand Bay Watermelon Festival

Grand Bay, Alabama

July 9-10 (held second week of July)

“What a Melon" Festival

Center, Texas

July 9 - 10

Watermelon Festival

Franklinton, Louisiana

July 10

McDade Watermelon Festival

McDade, Texas

July 14 - 16

Cordele Watermelon Festival

Cordele (Crisp County), Georgia

July 21

Mize Watermelon Fest

Mize, Mississippi

July 21 (held weekend closest to July 21)

Watermelon Festival

Pageland, South Carolina

July 22

Terral Watermelon Jubilee

Terral, Oklahoma

July 26-28 (held last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of July)

Watermelon Festival and Rodeo

Naples, Texas

July 27-28

Louisiana Watermelon Festival
(38th Annual)

Farmerville, Louisiana

July 28

Kingsburg Watermelon Festival

Kingsburg, California

July 28

Irrigon Watermelon Festival

Irrigon, Oregon

July 28-30

Southeastern North Carolina Watermelon Festival

Fair Bluff, North Carolina

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Carytown Watermelon Festival

Carytown section of Richmond, Virginia


Watermelon Festival
(2nd Annual)

Norfolk, Nebraska

August 1 - 4

North Carolina Watermelon Festival
(16th Annual)

Murfreesboro, North Carolina

August 4

Havana Watermelon Festival

Havana, Indiana

August 4 (held first weekend of August)

Water Valley Watermelon Carnival

Water Valley, Mississippi

August 5 - 6

Knox County Watermelon Festival

Vincennes, Indiana

August 7 11

DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival
(87th Annual)

DeLeon, Texas

August 9 - 12

The Watermelon Festival
(25th Annual)

Hope, Arkansas

August 11 (held second Saturday of August)

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival

Rush Springs, Oklahoma

August 11 (held second weekend of August)

Cave City Watermelon Festival

Cave City, Arkansas

August 11 - 19

Southern Illinois Sweet Corn and Watermelon Festival
(30th Annual)

Mt. Vernon, Illinois

August 18

Vining Watermelon Day

Vining, Minnesota

August 18 - 19

Watermelon Festival
(19th Annual)

Russelville, Alabama

August 19

123rd Arkansas Valley Fair Watermelon Day

Rocky Ford, Colorado

August 23 - 25

Winterville Watermelon Festival

Winterville, North Carolina


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Kellogg Watermelon Festival

Kellogg, Minnesota


Winston-Dillard Melon Festival

Winston, Oregon

September (held Labor Day weekend)

Watermelon Festival

Thompkinsville (Monroe County), Kentucky

September 1-3 (held Labor Day weekend)

Milan Melon Festival

Milan, Ohio (Tip: The folks there pronounce it “MI-lan”)

September 7 - 10 (held second weekend of September)

U.S. Watermelon Seed-Spitting and Speed-Eating Championship

Pardeeville, Wisconsin

September 8 (held first Saturday after Labor Day)

Watermelon Feed

Oxford, Kansas

September 14 - 15 (held third weekend of September)

Melon Days

Green River, Utah


Jackson County Watermelon Festival at Brownstown

Brownstown, Indiana

Mid-to-Late September

Watermelon Festival

Diyarbakir, TURKEY


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January 12

Coominya Grape and Watermelon Festival

Coominya, Queensland, AUSTRALIA



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